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The LIVE Predictive Playbook Show for February 22, 2024
Join Founder and creator John Ryan for a quick-hitting segment featuring an engaging discussion with co-host Rudy Reyes from iHeart Radio, NBC News Radio, and the Rude Dog Show. Plus, former pro football player Bo Knows Football, JB founder of the Las Vegas-based VSX Sports Radio Network, and former NHL beat writer for the NJ Devils, Chris Wassel.

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🏈 The current NIL landscape in College Football

🏈 Franchise tags assigned and now onto the Draft

🏈 Will teams like the #FlyEaglesFly have any chance to improve their secondary when it seems nearly all teams have the same needs?

πŸ€ Did the 76ers #Brotherlylove do enough at the trade deadline to stay out of the Play-In Tournament?

πŸ€ Knicks vs 76ers NBA Betting Algorithm and Best Bet Opportunity from John Ryan

πŸ€ Does UCONN have to win out to secure a 1-seed after the 19-point loss to Creighton?

πŸ€ Is Kansas now an elite Cinderella?Β 

πŸ’ Austin Matthews fastest to 50 goals in 28 seasons

πŸ’ The NHL Playoff teams with 25 games left